Sčítání lidu 2021 - referendum o Moravě

Čim víc občanů ČR se přihlásí k moravské národnosti,
tím větší šance bude k obnově územně správní identity Moravy

Sčítání lidu 2021 - referendum o Moravě

Česká a Moravská Federativní Republika

Usilujeme o proměnu unitární České republiky ve federaci
dvou rovnoprávných národů Čechů a Moravanů

Česká a Moravská Federativní Republika

Tomáš Ingr - předseda strany Moravané

Hájíme zájmy obyvatel Moravy!

Tomaš Inger

Petr Bystřický - místopředseda strany Moravané

Morava patří na mapu Evropy!

Petr Bystřický

EFA hledá providera pro internetovou propagaci

Call for proposals – online advertising services

The European Free Alliance, European Political Party, is seeking a service provider for advertising services.
The deadline for handing in proposals (by e-mail only) is 04/03/2018 at 23:59 Brussels time.
Additional information may be requested by the potential provider in preparation of their proposal before 01/03/2018 18:00, by email at lrahman@e-f-a.org and gpbaglioni@e-f-a.org.

The European Free Alliance (EFA) European Political Party (EUPP) is developing a new network named “Friends of EFA”. Friends of EFA is a network for individuals who support the core principle of EFA, with a focus on self-determination. The network will present itself in the form of a web-platform that enables members to discuss and interact with each other on various topics surrounding those principles. Any individual from across the world may register, upon payment of an annual fee, for this network, under the condition that they agree with the principles of the European Free Alliance.
One of the main objective of the Friends of EFA network is to raise funds for the European Free Alliance.
In order to generate an increased interest in joining during the first membership recruiting campaign, some give-aways are being considered for early subscribers
The website and corporate image are currently being developed by another provider. The live date for the website is planned for the 04/04/2018.

Role of the future service provider
In this context, EFA is seeking a provider of advertising services, in order to promote the Friends of EFA platform and, in fine, to recruit new members. The provider will make a proposal of a strategy that would result in the highest possible number of new registered members (under the condition they all adhere to the principle of self-determination).
The service provider will be entrusted with the following tasks:
• The creative development of advertisements;
• The strategic planning (including but not limited to audience targeting, timing, frequency and method of media buying), coordination, implementation and publication of advertisements;
• Activity and performance reporting.

Specifications on the contract
The timespan for advertising activities is the following:
• Start date for the publication of advertisements: 07.04.2018
• Closing deadline for the publication of advertisements: 30.11.2018
Alliance Libre Européenne EUPP 6 BE 0866.016.691 – Rue de la Pépinière 1, 1000 Bruxelles.
Tel.: +32 (0) 2 513.34.76 | Fax: +32 (0) 2 513.34.25 | E-mail: info@e-f-a.org
Under the condition that there is at least one phase of advertising, starting on 07.04.2018, EFA is open to suggestions on timing, frequency, method and quantity of advertisements, pending detailed and strategic justifications.

The provider, once selected, will develop creative materials for advertisements in the appropriate format for:
• Facebook
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• Websites (for example via Google Ads)
Any proposal by a potential provider should include the three social media channels Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as at least one option using Google Ads, with the possibility of adding alternative options using other website advertisements tools with similar or better results and/or functions.

The overall budget foreseen for this contract is €15.000.

Technical requirements for the service proposal
Service proposals must be composed of:
• a technical proposal which would include - on the basis of the channels mentioned above – a strategy, a rough planning, and impact assessment, the latter necessarily including at least reach, clicks, conversion and membership registration
• a financial offer
The European Free Alliance is aware of the tight deadlines for handing in proposals and does therefore not expect a fully detailed tender. A maximum of 8 pages in total is expected for a proposal in answer to this call.

Awarding of the contract
Only proposals respecting all requirements above, and sent by email to lrahman@e-f-a.org and gpbaglioni@e-f-a.org by 23:59 CET on 04/03/2018 will be considered.
The European Free Alliance will inform the successful candidates on their selection at the latest on 07/03/2018.